Straightforward Petri Net-based Event Log Generation in ProM

An easy-to-use Petri net driven event log generator with timing, resource, and flow options. Great to set up experiments with synthetic models.
About ----- We present a ProM plugin which allows for straightforward event log generation, using token-based simulation driven by Petri net models. Although a large number of tools already exist for the simulation and analysis of Petri nets (CPN Tools being among the most notable), no technique exists which allows for the rapid generation of event logs (a collection of execution traces) based on a user-supplied Petri net in a straightforward manner, which would be a helpful addition within the research area of process mining. Our proposed tool focuses on ease of use, provides different simulation strategies and configuration options covering most standard use cases, and outputs the desired event log in a format which can immediately be utilized in sub-sequent steps within a process mining analysis workflow. References ---------- Please cite the following work if you use the log generator: * vanden Broucke, S., De Weerdt, J., Vanthienen, J., Baesens, B. (2012). An improved process event log artificial negative event generator. FEB Research Report KBI_1216, 1-17 pp. Leuven (Belgium): KU Leuven – Faculty of Economics and Business. Implementation -------------- The log generator is implemented as a [ProM 6]( plugin. The following JAR file contains the plugin: * [Version of 2020-01-28](downloads/loggenerator-20201028.jar) You will need to make sure that ProM can find the downloaded JAR in its classpath. To do so, you can create a folder “plugins” in the ProM installation directory, place the downloaded JAR file in this directory, and start ProM with the following command (Windows example): java.exe -Xmx4G -da -classpath "./dist/*;./lib/*;./plugins/*" -Djava.library.path=.//lib -Djava.util.Arrays.useLegacyMergeSort=true org.processmining.contexts.uitopia.UI Note that you will need to use Java 8. Contact ------- Contact the authors at: * [Seppe vanden Broucke]( (corresponding author)
Department of Decision Sciences and Information Management, KU Leuven
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